National Accelerated Literacy Project (NALAP)

EARC successfully handled the distribution project which was structured around four broad coverage areas: (1) Inspection of printed NALAP instructional materials, (2) Timely distribution of the Printed NALAP instructional materials to Curriculum Research and Development Division and all regional and district education offices (3) Verification of delivery of the instructional materials to 21,000 public and private schools and (4) Reporting of performance data to USAID.

NALAP is a comprehensive and a well-structured mother-tongue literacy program. It emphasizes the use of Ghanaian language to improve the reading ability of children. It also enhances the development of a highly skilled labor base that impact on economic development. The design of the NALAP instructional approach is supported by research evidence which indicates that children from multi-lingual society learn best when instruction, during the early years of schooling, is provided in the home language.