Comprehensive Basic Education (CBE)

EARC successfully executed its role as data management consultant for the training of assessors and data collection exercise during the CBE Learner Assessment Program. This entailed supporting assessors on the appropriate techniques of accurately recording pupil’s responses and handling assessment material for easy data capture. EARC was also part of the team that supervised field work during the data collection exercise. With a team of professionals that included Professors of the University of Cape Coast, EARC handled satisfactorily the data analysis and the report writing segment of the Learner Assessment, and submitted deliverables such as field report and the study report.

The Learner Assessment was designed to evaluate achievements made by the Ghana CBE Program for the year 1 cycle. The Government of Ghana (GoG), with support from the Department of International Development (DFID), launched the Complementary Basic Education (CBE) program to help out of school children to enter primary education. CBE program develop the basic mother-tongue literacy and numeracy skills required for access to grades 3 or 4 of primary school through an accelerated approach specially targeted to their needs.