Who We Are

EARC is an NGO based in Ghana that has been in existence for the past sixteen years. Our aim is to strengthen education delivery through the provision of technical assistance to education decision making bodies, such as Ghana Education Service (GES). We also provide services such as research, capacity building and test development for NGOs, other educational institutions, and donor agencies.


Our mission is to promote the use of research findings to inform education quality reforms in Ghana and the greater West Africa sub-region through:

  • Valid and reliable student learning assessment;
  • Teacher driven classroom-based student assessment;
  • Applied cross-cultural educational research;
  • Policy research and analysis;
  • Project monitoring and impact evaluation;
  • Information sharing and stakeholder dialogue;
  • Promotion of public-private alliances for education quality;


Our goals are to:

  • Promote education development through applied research and policy analysis.
  • Improve education systems and programs through student learning assessment, sound monitoring and evaluation.
  • Collect data disseminate research findings for and policy making and education development.